Online Retrospective Exhibit


The MyNew Orleans Photo Project is designed to provide opportunities for people affected by homelessness to control their own stories through photography and narrative, and connect directly with the public to provide insight into what it means to be homeless.

ReFOCUS works in partnership with communities to design and implement Photovoice projects that provide creative and effective ways for communities to demonstrate and explore their perspectives, promote dialogue, and advocate on their own behalf.


The MyNew Orleans Photo Project retrospective exhibit highlights four years of photography and stories submitted by people affected by homelessness in New Orleans as part of an annual photography contest, exhibition, and calendar. Each year’s contest includes a public art exhibition designed to share the images and stories with the public—to share the everyday realities of people affected by homelessness, as well as their individual histories, struggles, and aspirations. The project uses the power of the artistic assignment to encourage reflection by both the artist and the viewer. Participants are compensated for their work through funding from use of their images and calendar sales.

Located in New Orleans? You can see our Prospect.5 Satellite Exhibit!

Listen to Our 2018 Story Soundtrack

Hear from participants of the 2018 Photo Project while you view images in the exhibition below. Note that these recordings don’t necessarily correspond with the images shown.

View the Online Retrospective Exhibit

Click on any photo for more information. Select the info icon to view the photographer’s name, the year the photo was taken, and additional photo descriptions. Use the comment icon to leave a reply.

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