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Please support ReFOCUS for the 2019 MyNew Orleans Photo Project!  Donate to our fundraiser at MightyCause and receive our colorful calendar or silky pillows! 


ReFOCUS brings the participatory art of photovoice to communities of all kinds. In a time of media silos and political polarity, ReFOCUS seeks to bring opposing viewpoints to the same table to hear each other’s stories, and to enable marginalized groups to reconnect with their communities in positive ways.


This photo was taken by “Thomas” (name withheld by request), showing Jax brewery and in its shadow resides a humble tent, a temporary home. Thomas’ photo was a finalist in the 2016 MyNew Orleans Photo Project, a partner of the London Cafe Art organization that uses art to bring attention to issues of homelessness. read more here…

Grateful for the opportunity to explore and show my perspective of New Orleans, the city I love so much.  The project helped me capture that moment visiting with my daughter while in treatment.  It will be a forever reminder of where I came from.

Cara Hotard

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